About Me

I have always had strong skills with technology, whether it involves the scripting and programming of a website or the assembly of hardware to build and construct a new computer.

I know both hardware and software for PCs and Mac's alike, and I am equally efficient on both operating systems. While I will consider myself more of a programmer I am not lacking in Photoshop or Illustrator skills.

I have always been a people person; I prefer to talk face to face. I am competent in my verbal communications skill and am able to build a solid report with customers and co-workers alike. I am very whiling to prove my skills and share my knowledge others.

This site has many more elements than it used to, most have been added for the fact I can do it, and others have been added because I felt like it. I have just rebuilt this entire site from the ground up in Zend Framework 1.11.0. I am sure my site will never need such a framework behind it. But even still I need to show case what I can do for potential employers.