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I have too many projects that I am currently working on I thought that an update was in order.My current projects at work. (these obviously come first. Character Creator, and it's many little quirks is in process New project with Mike... I'll describe it more in detail later. SimpleGlimpse.net updates... I have a few updates to make so this site can become more than it currently is. Overall, I

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Posted on: 01/31/2011  11:29 AM

Still Working...

I am still working on several new elements and should have working demos up shortly, and a partially finished product a short time later.I need to discuss a different database style with a couple other developers to really make my current project more efficient.

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Posted on: 12/07/2010  5:11 PM

New Hosting Provider

I have completed my transfer from godaddy.com to inmotionhosting.com.  The switch was relatively pain free some quick configuration changes and I'm done.

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Posted on: 12/01/2010  00:16 AM


The new and improved Simpleglimpse.net has been uploaded I have a reminder set on my calendar to make improvements to the site every day, whether it is a blog entry or a more advanced piece of code, will be up to how I am feeling that day however, I will try to add new gallery pieces as I complete them.My next step is to complete my D&D PHP / Zend based Character Generator. Currently

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Posted on: 11/28/2010  10:11 PM


Slowly but surely I am continuing to make progress. I know that the web gallery has some issues (Mostly my older pages). I have decided to set these up as subdomains and I hope that they display properly when the subdomain setup is complete.

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Posted on: 11/28/2010  03:17 AM